Real Estate in Tivat - Heaven on Earth

Published: 25. okt 2019.

As a trusted real estate agency, that has been for years present in the Montenegrin market, we bring you another reason why you may be typing ‘Real Estate Tivat’ on Google and why you come looking for the best deal with us.

You want to have a real estate on the seashore, in Montenegro? Well, beautiful beaches are just one of the many reasons why you should buy one. Whether you are planning a vacation rental or moving property, real estate in Tivat is, for the most part, built with high standards. Not to mention the view you will have, that is something that cannot be paid with money.

Good climate

The Mediterranean climate is prevailing in Tivat, but it is important to note that winters are mild and rainy, while summers are hot and perfect for relaxing on the beach. Tivat is the sunniest town in Boka Kotorska, and even if the city’s surface isn’t large, there are differences in the local climate.

Investment for life

Montenegro, and especially Tivat have been described as new the French Riviera, where foreign investors come to invest in real estate, while prices are rising year by year, both for the land itself, and for existing and new real estate. Therefore, when you are already typing Tivat Real Estate, keep in mind that the value of the property purchased or the land will vary as time goes on – Invest in your future by buying a property in Tivat now.

Tourist attractions

Tivat is one of the most famous Super-Yacht marinas, a medieval world heritage city, decorated with mountain trails and pristine beaches. These are just some of the reasons why should you buy a property in Tivat. Porto Montenegro has become one of the main tourist attractions in the past years. There is also Porto Novi, which brings the spirit of an exotic destination, like from the south of France.

Beautiful surrounding

There are only a few kilometers between Tivat and Kotor, and that route is decorated with one of the most beautiful and stunning views. Only 15 km from Tivat, you have the opportunity to visit some of the most impressive beaches of the Adriatic Sea, and only 3 km away are some of the small beaches of the bay.

If you have a yacht

The Tivat marina is attractive to yacht owners because the service is available 24 hours, free of charge and the gas station is free from tax.

Did you know?

If you buy an apartment worth 2.5 million dollars you get membership in „Yacht club“ and „Owners Club“, where you have access to a fitness center, tennis club, sports club, open-air pool, nightclub, private lounge, and restaurant.