5 Ways to Bring The Comfort to a Rented apartment - Make Yourself Like Home!

Published: 25. okt 2019.

Nowadays more and more apartments are being rented instead of being bought – especially by young people in urban areas. The good side of renting a property is that you can change multiple locations and choose the one that suits you, and avoid the abnormal cost of buying homes and apartments.

However, a bad thing is that a rented apartment can be much harder to arrange to make it feel like home.

But – here we come to help by offering five tips on how to make a rented apartment feel at home!


Find your inspiration online

For this need, we would recommend the Pinterest app, where you can find lots of images of cute and nice combinations of furniture and decoration. Save pictures of all the things you like as an inspiration for arranging your rented apartment in the future.

Decorate with plants – refresh the space

Whether you choose natural or artificial plants, they have the magical ability to bring life to any room. The green color is very pleasing to the eye and has a calming effect on the mind. The most popular type of plants for this use are hanging plants and potted plants.

These plants are best placed in lighted rooms, in places such as in the living room, by the window, on the desk or in the kitchen.

Temporary decorations

You do not have to invest a lot of money on expensive furniture and decorations to make your home feel comfy. Believe us, you would be surprised to see how much a nice rug, colorful blanket or pillow set can do for the atmosphere of your apartment!

Colorful vases, paintings, and wallpapers can do a lot!

Use the light strategically

You can play with room light you can an experiment with floor and table lamps. You can also change the intensity of natural and artificial light – for artificial you can buy a specific type of lamp or change the location of an existing one, and for natural you can use curtains, whose colors and thickness also affect the brightness of the room.

Play with colors

Although you probably can’t change and alter the color of walls, floors, and existing furniture, you can use many tricks that will help change the atmosphere of a room by playing with colors. However, you can add colors and different designs to add to the spirit of a room. Be creative with beddings, wall paintings, vases, pillows, and lamps and break the monotony of the room with colors.


Whether you intend to live in your rented apartment in the long term or to leave after a shorter time, nice decoration and comfortable interior will make you feel all the luxury and relaxation on a maximum level. Make the most of the time you spend in your apartment, make it feel like the home you’ve been dreaming of.