„Riverside” Project - Prototype of Quality Housing

Published: 17. jula 2020.

Have you heard of „Riverside”?


The project we’ve all been waiting for: Riverside. A nice, spacious apartment with lots of daylight, is one of the things we have all dreamed of at least once in our life.
Sipping your morning coffee on a spacious terrace with a beautiful view of the surrounding greenery and the city that is just waking up sounds like an ideal way of starting your day.

Luckily, a project just like that is under construction as you’re reading this. Riverside” project is based on the concept of luxury apartments in the center of Podgorica, while still being surrounded by nature and greenery, which is the best of both worlds – the city and the wilderness.

How did the project get its name? The name of the project is based on one of it’s prized attributes – the buildings will be located right next to the Ribnica riverbed.



What is the idea behind the „Riverside” project?


„Riverside” facilities, with 49 housing units (studios, one and two-bedroom apartments), in two buildings (A and B), although isolated from the city noise, in the immediate vicinity they have all the cultural, administrative, commercial and recreational facilities that are crucial for the life’s quality and functionality of future tenants. Near this location, there are:

  • two primary schools,
  • kindergarten,
  • important state and local institutions,
  • several city parks,
  • picnic area Gorica,
  • museums,
  • theaters, etc.

The location is extremely well connected with other parts of the city, as it is located near two important city boulevards.


Prikaz dvosobnog stana Riverside u Podgorici, prodaja stanova
Example of one of the Riverside apartments: Two bedroom apartment D1

Do you like this Riverside apartment? Here you can find out more about the apartment and call an agent to ask for more details.

What makes Riverside apartments stand out from other projects?


Some of the features that set this project apart from other residential buildings are:

  • EXTERIOR LOCKS: Swivel tilting PVC system of high mechanical resistance, modern design, advanced sound insulation, and energy efficiency.
  • INTERIOR CARPENTRY: Double plywood room door with honeycomb filling, and MDF in the finish.
  • ENTRANCE DOORS: Security, with anti-burglary lock and metal substructure, with veneered MDF in the finish, stained in accordance with the design of the interior carpentry.
  • WALLS AND CEILINGS: Wall surfaces are smoothed and painted with semi-dispersive paints.
Primjer jednosobnog stana Riverside u Podgorici
An example of a Riverside apartment: One-bedroom apartment J2

The walls of the kitchen and bathroom are covered with first-class ceramic tiles from the Italian manufacturer IMOLA, which are larger in size and laser cut. The ceilings in the bathroom are flat and made of moisture-resistant gypsum boards with built-in LED lighting.

  • FLOORS: In the living room, dining room, bedrooms, and wardrobes there is a three-layer parquet made by „Tarkett“ or similar.

On the terraces, there are ceramics intended for outdoor use, and the floors of the entrance and stair halls are covered with granite ceramics, with anti-slip dedicated ceramic treads on the stairs. Under the floors, sound and thermal insulation are installed – Thermosilent membrane 10 mm thick, with the addition of automatic turning off.


Garsonjera u Rivierside objektu, primjer za prodaju garsonjere
Example: Studio G3 in the Riverside building in Podgorica
  • BATHROOMS: Sanitary equipment of bathrooms and toilets, with all accompanying chrome-plated faucets, siphons, and drains from a European manufacturer. The electric storage water heater (capacity 50-80l) „slim“ version, is manufactured by „Ariston“ or similar.

All bathrooms have a shower area, with a floor grille and a glass fixed screen.

  • AIR CONDITIONING: „Multi-split“ system, with one outdoor and the appropriate number of indoor units.

Each apartment will be equipped with installations that correspond to the system described above and will be installed at the initiative of the apartment owner.

Do you like the studio apartment in the picture above? Here you can look at similar studio apartments and details, and you can also call an agent if you are interested in a Riverside studio apartment.



Why You Should Choose Riverside?


If you opt for Riverside, you have the opportunity to enjoy the environment isolated from the city noise and traffic, surrounded by greenery, while still being in the center of Podgorica.

The apartments are for sale now.

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Primjer izgleda dnevne sobe u Riverside stanu
Riverside – a prototype of quality housing

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