Why Buy an Apartment in Budva

Published: 25. okt 2019.

Budva – the Jewel of the Mediterranean

Many have heard about Budva in general. Beautiful beaches, nightlife, and vacation are synonyms for this small Montenegrin city. Although the population of the city is low, one month of visitors covers at least the same number of people living in Budva. Why not treat yourself with one real-estate in Budva. Here are a few reasons why you should do that:

 Adriatic sea is literally at the reach of the hand

Budva isn’t exactly a big city, but there are a lot of benefits that come with that. Wherever you buy an apartment in Budva, the beaches will always be a ten-minute walk away. If you have a car, you can reach any point in Budva in just a few minutes. Traffic is busy and traffic jams are rarely seen in the city.

You can have a stunning view of the sea from almost any terrace anywhere, thanks to its hilly surroundings.

2. Tivat Airport is a 20-minute drive away

Tivat is located 21.2km from Budva. This is about a 25-minute drive unless there is a traffic jam. 

Budva is connected to many other cities that are close to it, like Petrovac (11.18 miles from Budva), Kotor (14.3 miles), Sutomore (18.6 miles), Cetinje (19.2 miles), Ulcinj (39.2 miles).

3. The center of European tourism

There are about 20 beaches all the way from Jaz to Petrovac. There you can enjoy lovely sunshine for more than half of the year (with approximately 182 warm sunny days from May 10th to November 8th). With 2300 sunny hours, a year Budva is a paradise for tourists and its citizens.

An increasing number of tourists are expected in Budva every year during the season. This year, the estimated number of tourists was as high as 2.5 million!

4. Best party life in Montenegro

Except for nightlife, parties in Budva last all day long in the summer! Although beach parties are usually organized at night – you will often find rave, techno, and mainstream parties during the day. Loud music and a relaxed atmosphere will make you happier every day.

5. Low tax

The real estate tax rate in Montenegro is relatively low and can range from 0.10% to 1.00% of the market value of the real estate. The amount of this rate is determined by the municipality depending on the type, location, age and quality of the property.

6. The city is surrounded by hills and beautiful forests

The scent of the sea, palm trees, and green hills are what makes Budva such a lovely and cozy place. Along the promenade, you can see tall palm trees growing and enhancing the city for decades. Not only on the coast, but you can also find parks and beautiful greenery all over the city, both in public places and on private estates.

Are these enough reasons for a real estate in Budva? Yes, we agree.