How to Arrange a Small Apartment to be Comfortable and Functional?

Published: 21. nov 2019.

A small, nicely decorated, comfortable apartment in the city is the ticket to a life you dreamed about. But how do you get your little apartment fresh and comfortable? Very easy. The solution to this problem lies not in small furniture, but the proper planning and use of space. With these few tricks, your small flat will be perfect the way you imagined it.

How do you arrange a small apartment?

With the following tips and tricks, you will design your apartment as if it’s from the cover of some luxury magazine.


  • You will accomplish one of the most effective visual effects with colors on the walls. Lighter colors create the illusion of a larger room, while dark-colored rooms look narrow.


  • Just as light paint brings the illusion of larger space, so does brightness. With more light, the room itself looks bigger. Also, because of the greater need for natural light, rooms should have larger windows, which also ‘expands’ space.


  • A wall closet with large mirrors in a small room can change the appearance of the room big deal. The closet does not take up space but fits with the wall, and the mirrors create a similar illusion as the windows themselves – the room looks bigger and wider.


  • Straight edges in space – the walls and furniture in the space should be straight-edged. When choosing furniture, do not buy stylish rounded furniture, but look for nice furniture with sharp corners. The reason for this is that the upholstered furniture creates the illusion of chaos while the flat is elegant and looks neat.


  • Placing furniture the right way is very important. You need to know the space where you live to be able to organize it properly. Do not place furniture against the wall. It doesn’t sound logical, but when you lave space between elements and the walls you get a picture like there’s something else behind.


  • Placing barriers in your rooms is a lifeline. That way, you can use one room for two or more functions. Design a creative way with some shelves or decor to divide the room and make the most of it.


  • The logical fact is that you do not leave the place overcrowded. Items that you don’t really use or don’t matter to you, just take up space. Tiny decorations too. Arrange a pair of decorative elements around the corners of the room or where you think you should place the, just do not stack everything in a small space.

If the flat is small doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious

Can’t solve the problem of a small apartment? Think again. Use these tricks and see the big change. Try it for your self and you’ll see how it changes the space and brings a whole new perspective.


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