How to make the most of a small apartment?

Published: 21. nov 2019.

People have been interested in art and design since they still used to color walls of caves with different paintings. From Renaissance to Baroque and other styles, they put a lot of effort into architecture and design. Doesn’t matter if it’s a house or an apartment, your home is a place where you spend most of your time and it should be comfortable and nice as much as possible. But, how do you accomplish that in a small space?


If you have a problem with arranging your small apartment don’t worry. There are many ways to make the most of a small room and to keep all the functions and esthetic look of the interior.

Make the space look „bigger“

Even if your apartment is small, it doesn’t mean it has to leave that impression. Using these tricks you can make an illusion of a wider room and remove the effect of being „overcrowded“:

  • Put the shelves high – that way you avoid the messy and claustrophobic look, and it looks less aggressive.
  • Avoid small details and decorations. Few bigger ornamental elements are just enough to refresh the space, but will not give an overcrowded look.
  • Make the apartment as bright as you can. Shadows and dark colors leave the impression of a small space.
  • Use stripes. Just like on clothes, stripes make the walls or floors look wider, higher, and bigger.
  • Just like light, bright colors in a few shades will make it look broad. Plus, it’s prettier than darkening everything.
  • Coloring the ceiling in a different color will draw the attention of the space, plus it will add the illusion of higher walls and thus apartment will look bigger.

Make the most of narrow a room in an apartment

Smaller flats are harder to arrange, but can also look very luxurious and comfortable. In this case, every corner has its purpose and has to be used wisely. But with a little effort, it can look just like any bigger apartment. The key to that to use all the space in the smartest way possible.


One of the smartest ways to save the room in your home is to buy furniture that can find more than just one use. For example, you can use a sofa bed that can be opened into a bed, if you don’t have enough space for a bedroom.

Montage furniture may come in handy with the quest you are trying to achieve. The dining table can be mobile, just like beds and desks.


Of course, all the furniture and other stuff you don’t need, or you use very little should be removed. You should get rid of all old shoes, papers, bags, clothes, boxes, paper news, magazines if you intend to keep the order in your apartment.

Anyway, with these tips and tricks, smart arranging of your home and taking care of details should fix your problem of lack of space, and also will give it a little luxury touch.

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